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Jury selection has began in the trial of the first of six Baltimore officers charged in the death of Freddie Gray.

The fact that all 75 potential jurors said they were aware of the high-profile case and the $6.4 million civil settlement the city paid to Gray's family is the most troubling aspect of the trial, Judge Andrew Napolitano on "The Kelly File."

Judge Napolitano explained that the fact that the civil proceeding took place before the criminal proceeding is atypical and highly likely to influence potential jurors.

"The government here gave away - gave away - $6.4 million to Mr. Gray's family. What does that tell the jury the employer of the police thinks about those police?" Judge Napolitano said. "The government has to get a fair shot and the defendants have to have all of their constitutional rights protected. The right to a fair trial means a scrupulously neutral jury, as oblivious to public pressures as is humanly possible."

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