New Security Concerns After Syrian Refugees Reach Texas Border

French Muslim: 'It's Up to Us' to Save Islam and Everyone Else From Radical Terrorists

Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) went "On The Record" tonight and said that the U.S. could and should declare war against ISIS.

Hunter explained that the Islamic State is actually holding land and, unlike the "shadow fighters" in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, they are an enemy that we can easily define and engage.

So why hasn't Congress declared war? Greta asked.

Hunter said there are several bills in the works, including one that his name is on.

What's the holdup? Greta pressed.

Hunter explained that declaring war on the terror group is simply not a popular notion in this Congress.

"I'm just saying that for a start, I want everyone to sort of admit the obvious," Greta said. "And that would be a good start and get everybody mobilized at least thinking, at least talking."

Watch more above.

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