Trump Denies Mocking Reporter's Disability

Fiorina: Trump 'Only Feels Big When He's Trying to Make Everyone Else Look Small'

Donald Trump has come under more fire in recent weeks as he defends himself for, among other things, allegedly mocking a journalist’s disability.

Ed Rollins reacted to the mounting criticism on “Hannity” tonight, predicting that the GOP presidential front-runner will ultimately prevail in the face of all the white noise.

“This is a different election,” said Rollins, a former senior advisor to President Reagan. “The [electorate] is very irritated at the establishment. Donald Trump represents the anti-establishment.”

“He needs to be a little more careful on some of the things he says,” Rollins acknowledged. “But at the end of the day … he’s been leading every poll, he’s gotten twice as much media attention as any other candidate, he’s done extremely well.”

“In two months from now, voters will get to cast votes, and my sense is he’s still going to be a very strong candidate,” said Rollins.

Watch the panel sound off on Trump’s campaign above.

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