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Republican presidential contender Dr. Ben Carson said on "The Kelly File" tonight that the Syrian refugees he met on his trip to the Middle East don't want to come to the U.S. - they want to go back home.

"The Syrians themselves were pretty adamant about the fact that they want to go back to Syria," Carson said. "That's what they're looking for."

He said that his solution to the refugee crisis is to give more money to Jordan to house more people fleeing war-torn Syria.

Carson explained that he was very impressed by how open and willing Jordan was to bring in more refugees.

"They just said they didn't have enough money to do it," Carson said, suggesting that we give Jordan another $3 billion to help with that, on top of the $4 billion we have already given them.

"It doesn't have to come from the government. The people can do it."

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