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The holiday season has officially begun. Unfortunately, that means it's also the season of scams.

Kurt "The Cyber Guy" Knutsson dropped by "Fox and Friends Weekend" to share some helpful tips on how you can protect yourself as you do your holiday shopping.

Knutsson said the number one thing to avoid is doing shopping online at a public Wi-Fi hotspot.

He explained that coffee shops, grocery stores and other public places may have convenient Internet connections, but they’re often not secure. That could allow someone else to easily access your information.

Knutsson said another common scam is package theft. With many items being ordered online and delivered to a doorstep without requiring a signature, it presents a major target for thieves.

He recommended getting packages sent to your daytime work address where you can receive them directly. If that doesn't work, he suggested asking a trusted neighbor if you can ship to their home address.

Since it is the season of giving, Knutsson revealed that charity fraud is also common this time of year. He said that it's wise to use websites such as CharityNavigator.org to research the legitimacy of any organizations to which you will be making charitable donations.

Finally, Knutsson said that shoppers need to beware of gift card fraud. He said it's simply best to order items online, including electronic gift cards, to avoid buying a gift card at a store and adding a middleman to the transaction.

Watch the "Fox and Friends Weekend" clip above.

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