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In the wake of nationwide protests by college students seeking protection from offensive language on campuses, some Princeton University students are pushing back.

The Princeton Open Campus Coalition created a pro-free speech petition, titled “Protect Plurality, Historical Perspective, and Academic Speech at Princeton,” which has garnered more than 1,500 signatures from members of the Princeton community.

The petition was created in response to the demands of the university's Black Justice League, which included a dorm for students to celebrate black affinity, mandatory diversity training and a requirement that students take a course on so-called "marginalized peoples."

Princeton students and founders of the coalition, Evan Draim and Sofia Gallo, said that both the methods and demands of the Black Justice League are contrary to the academic values of the Princeton community.

Gallo said that they hope the movement will lead to people reconsidering the value of free speech.

Draim explained that they want to encourage more open dialogue and create greater discourse among students on campus.

"We're trying to fight for diversity of thought, and we're trying to fight back against a politically correct culture on college campuses that tells people that they have to hold certain opinions based on their race or gender or sexual orientation," Draim said. "We want to defend our students' rights to form their own independent opinions separate from the judgments or the intimidation of peers."

Watch the "Fox and Friends" clip above and learn more about the Princeton Open Campus Coalition on their Facebook page.

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