Five hours into an intense standoff, the shooter who took hold of a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs surrendered to police.

As of Friday night, three people had died, including one police officer and two civilians.

Four civilians and five police officers had been transported to hospital with gunshot wounds earlier that day, police said.

A law enforcement official said the shooter has been identified as Robert Lewis Dear.

UPDATE 9:20p ET: Three people - one police officer and two civilians - have died from today's shooting.

The police officer who died was from the University of Colorado Colorado Springs police department, said Colorado Springs Police Lt. Catherine Buckley.

“We have to confirm that we have two civilian casualties on scene, and we have the death of one police officer,” she told reporters at a briefing.

UPDATE 8:40p ET: A police officer who was shot today is now dead, officials say.

UPDATE 8:30p ET: All of Planned Parenthood’s staff and patients are believed to be accounted for after today's shooting.

Vicki Cowart, president and CEO of Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains, told CNN:

"We're still reaching out to confirm individuals, how they are. I believe no one of our staff was severely injured. I also believe at this time that none of our patients were injured.”

UPDATE 7:12p ET: The gunman surrendered and was taken into custody at 4:52 p.m. local time. 

"The situation has been resolved. There's no continuing peril to the citizens of Colorado Springs," Colorado Springs Mayor John Suthers told reporters.

Police Lt. Catherine Buckley said that the area is now being investigated as a crime scene.

As yet, the motive of the shooter is still unknown.

UPDATE 6:47p ET: Some of the items the shooter brought have been placed outside the building, and they appear to include a propane tank, said Jonathan Hunt.

As the police enter their fifth hour of the standoff, they are remaining vigilant about trying to avoid shooting any potentially explosive devices.

UPDATE 6:13p ET: The scene continues to remain "active" and has not been "stabilized," CSPD Lt. Catherine Buckley told reporters.

She said there was a possibility of a fifth police officer injured in addition to the four shot earlier today, a point of inquiry that is being examined by the El Paso County Sheriff's Department.

"The suspect brought several items with him," and police are working to determine what these items are, said Lt. Buckley.

Police confirmed that the incident began today at the Planned Parenthood building, not at the nearby Chase Bank as some have speculated.

Meanwhile, the numbers of people still inside the building, total civilian casualties or any current potential hostages are still unclear.

"We are not in voice contact with him at this point," said Lt. Buckley.

UPDATE 6:00p ET: Authorities are taking people out to safety one-by-one, said Harris Faulkner. 

At least two people had be to lifted out.

Vicki Cowart, the president and CEO of Planned Parenthood in the Rocky Mountains, released the following statement:

"Our top priority is the safety of our patients and staff. Our hearts go out to everyone involved in this tragic situation.

Planned Parenthood has strong security measures in place, works closely with law enforcement agencies and has a strong safety record.

We don’t yet know the full circumstances and motives behind this criminal action, and we don’t yet know if Planned Parenthood was in fact the target of this attack.”

UPDATE 5:07p ET: Nine victims so far are receiving treatment after being injured, including the four police officers shot earlier today.

UPDATE 4:54p ET: Security is being increased at New York City's Planned Parenthood locations in light of the Colorado shooting.

UPDATE 4:50p ET: Seven civilians have just been rescued and escorted to safety, according to Fox 21's Kody Fisher.

The shooter is reportedly "on the move," said Harris Faulkner.

UPDATE 4:48p ET: Police have partial sight of the shooter, who is apparently in the lobby of the building where Planned Parenthood is housed.

Officers are in the building and exchanging gunfire with the suspect.

UPDATE 4:36p ET: A total of four police officers have been shot.

Police are asking reporters to stay off the street "because it is very active."

"We have brought all our resources to bear," CSPD Lt. Catherine Buckley told reporters. "We are still engaged with him," 

President Obama has been notified about the shooting.

UPDATE 4:18p ET: Police are currently encountering gunfire from the shooter once again.

A spokesperson for King Soopers supermarket has said that its store near the Planned Parenthood clinic remains on lockdown, with around 150 people safely inside.

UPDATE 4:04p ET: ​A shootout took place earlier between the gunman and police officers, said Jonathan Hunt. 

The shooter, described to be in his forties, is still at large.

UPDATE 3:37p ET: The suspect was using a "long gun," and it is possible that hostages are currently being held, police say.

Officers and detectives have been deployed to different businesses in the area in what CSPD Lt. Catherine Buckley called a "very active" situation.

UPDATE 3:18p ET: A witness has described the alleged shooter as a 6-foot white male with a white beard, Jonathan Hunt reported.

He was wearing clothing that looked like hunting gear, although locals say this type of apparel is not uncommon in the area, especially at this time of year.

The gunman appears to still be barricaded in the Planned Parenthood building with some people. 

The Colorado Springs Police Department is responding to a tweet from someone allegedly in the building who is asking for help.

None of the three injured officers are currently in critical condition. A number of civilians also appear to be injured, although the exact figure is unclear.

UPDATE 3:06p ET: Fox 21's Kody Fisher reported that two of the injured police officers have been taken to safety. Police are still trying to reach the third officer.

UPDATE 2:59p ET: KKTV reported that at least three police officers have been injured in the incident.

UPDATE 2:52p ET: Jonathan Hunt reported that Police Lt. Catherine Buckley said that the situation has not been stabilized.

Hunt added that it is not known at this time if the Planned Parenthood clinic was a target.

UPDATE 2:45p ET: Fox 21's Kody Fisher reported that there are 60 to 100 officers on the scene. Fisher said that he had not heard gunshots for a half hour or so.

Fisher said that he and other reporters were told by police that they were within a danger zone and should move.

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