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A carjacker nearly ruined Thanksgiving for one Texas family.

Late Thanksgiving Eve, Blanca Garcia, her two children and their aunt, Amy Garcia, stopped at an Exxon gas station in Houston.

When Blanca and Amy left their truck for a moment, a stranger jumped into the vehicle, with little Aiden and Chloe Garcia inside.

Immediately, both sisters grabbed onto the truck as he tried to drive away.

"My kids were in there. I had to do what a mother would always do for their kids," Blanca explained.

But they couldn't hang on to the truck. They ended up following the suspect in their friend's car.

The carjacker stopped several blocks away and let the children out before speeding off.

He ended up getting away with freshly bought presents and the women's wallets.

Luckily, the children were safe and were able to celebrate Thanksgiving.

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