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A few years ago, a 12-year-old girl with bone cancer would have had to go through months of chemotherapy and end up losing her leg.

But now, doctors have come up with an innovative technology that can save children’s legs and allow them to grow up much like anyone else.

The device uses something “as simple as a magnet” to remove dangerous tumors and surgically replace an affected joint with extendable prostheses, Claudia Cowan reported on “America’s Newsroom” this morning.

Treatments involving bone replacement have been available to adults for years.

But for growing children, the story gets more complicated, said Dr. Amalia De Comas.

They’re adding in the fact that that limb still needs to "catch up" to another leg that would be growing normally, said De Comas.

With the help of this new device, “no one would know anything different if they saw her walking down the street,” De Comas said of her 12-year-old patient.

About a dozen kids have received the treatment in the last year. Best of all, it is said to be pain-free.

Watch the full report above.

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