War Stories fans are in for a Thanksgiving weekend treat, as Fox Business Network brings you a marathon of the riveting documentary series.

Hosted by Oliver North, the show takes you inside the key moments and critical battles that forever shaped our world. 

You can relive all the action, starting on Friday at 7:00p ET and going through the night.

Then on Saturday and Sunday at 8:00p ET, tune in for three straight hours of "War Stories."

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Here are some of the episodes on tap:

Friday, 9:00p ET: Hollywood Goes to War

Oliver North sits down with actors Cliff Robertson and Tony Curtis, who talk about how movies like “Dawn Patrol” and “Crash Dive” inspired them to join the military. Tony Curtis also describes witnessing the Japanese surrender in Tokyo Bay.

In a rare interview, Alfred Hitchcock’s daughter, Patricia, explains how her father used his films to take on the Nazis. And Hollywood legend Mickey Rooney reminisces about putting on “jeep shows” in brutal combat areas throughout Europe.  

Eddie Albert, who later starred in television’s “Green Acres,” tells how he saved many Marines from certain death at Tarawa in the South Pacific. 

And you’ll hear how superstars Clark Gable and Jimmy Stewart left Hollywood at the height of their careers to fly dangerous bombing missions over Germany.

Friday, 10:00p ET: Guardians of the Sea: The U.S. Coast Guard

The United States Coast Guard is our nation's most unique military branch. They protect our 95,000 miles of coastline and serve overseas to ensure the safety and freedom of others.

The Coast Guard and its predecessors have served as an armed force in every conflict since the founding of our republic. For more than two centuries, whenever help was needed on or near the water, a "coastie" has valiantly answered the call, living up to their motto "Semper Paratus"-- always ready.

Friday, 11:00p ET: A Salute to the USO!

In this special holiday edition of “War Stories,” learn how and why celebrities have joined the USO to support America’s troops. Oliver North talks with Hollywood icons and musical legends like Mickey Rooney, Johnny Grant, Connie Stevens, Ann-Margret, Wayne Newton, Bo Derek and Bob Hope's son, Tony. They share their recollections of performing from steamy islands in the South Pacific to the jungles of Vietnam, to bases all over the world.

Acclaimed actor Gary Sinise also sat down with Oliver North to share his pride in working with the USO since being inspired by the events of September 11th.

And hear from rocker Joan Jett on her dedication to performing for the troops in places that "aren't cushy."

Saturday, 9:00p ET: Freeing France from Hitler

In the wake of the Paris terror attacks, French President François Hollande told parliament “France is at war.” The French leader went further to reinforce his call to arms against ISIS saying, “Our democracy has triumphed before over adversaries that were much more formidable than these cowards.”

The recent attacks by ISIS in France are the worst atrocity the country has seen since World War II when their adversary was Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany.

This captivating episode takes you inside the little-known and often-overlooked story of the brave men and women who fought from the beaches of Normandy to the sidewalks of Paris to free France from Hitler.

Sunday, 8:00p ET: The Battle for the Frozen Chosin

The battle of the Chosin Reservoir, dubbed "The Frozen Chosin," was one of the coldest battles on record since Napoleon set foot in Russia. It began November 26, 1950.

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