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An adorable 8-year-old girl in Illinois is making headlines for sending colorful handmade crosses to firefighters and police officers all around the country.

(Laura Nichols)

Why does she do it?

“To spread God’s word and to protect others,” said Arianna Nichols, smiling.

So far, the little girl has given out more than 6,000 crosses to officials serving across 33 different states.

She hopes to reach the remaining states, her mother, Laura Nichols, told Fox News in an email.

Arianna’s labor of love has even made it all the way to Sydney, Australia, where the little girl sent a package of 50 crosses.

(Laura Nichols)

“I like to give blue ones to the police officers, and sometimes black for the fallen officers,” she explains. “And for the firefighters, I like to do reds and yellows, because it’s fire colors.”

In addition, Arianna has given crosses to friends, neighbors, fellow church members and even restaurant workers.

Watch her deliver a heartwarming message as she assembles the crosses in the video above.

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