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Surely you've seen Donald Trump's "Make America Great Again" hats. But did you know those hats are made by immigrants?

Workers at the California-based company Cali-Fame, who are nearly all Latino, say that Trump's presidential campaign has put more money in their pockets.

"We didn't have [any] overtime before," employee Yolanda Melendrez, an immigrant from Mexico, said. "We were kinda slow. Thanks to Trump, we have a lot of work. We're making money."

Heather Childers reported on "Fox and Friends" that Trump has given more than $270,000 to Cali-Fame to make “Make America Great Again” hats for his campaign.

Company president Brian Kennedy said he's hired 20 more employees since the order came through.

The now-famous hats sell for $25 on Trump’s website.

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