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With the 2016 presidential race in full swing, you may be dreading the Thanksgiving Day political talk in your family. 

As a former White House press secretary and current co-host on "The Five," Dana Perino is an expert on being in the middle of opposing viewpoints and handling contentious political debates.

So Kennedy asked her for some dos and don'ts on talking politics (or avoiding it altogether) at your Thanksgiving table.

On the "do" list... 

Go in prepared: if you know one of your relatives is going to start in on a certain topic, be ready to counter with some facts 

Be aware of stranger danger: if someone gets invited who doesn't normally attend, keep the conversation light and avoid politics. 

Seek common ground: Dana says this was and is a go-to tactic for her. Try to use kind language that indicates you're trying to hear the other person's viewpoint.

Now for some don'ts... 

1. Don't get too emotionally attached to a candidate. 

2. If an argument does happen, try to forget about it quickly. 

3. Try not to take the bait.

4. And of course, don't throw food.

See more in the clip above from "Kennedy," which you can see on Fox Business Network Monday-Thursday at 8p ET

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