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Footage has emerged of a French daredevil setting a new world record as he slacklines an incredible 1,600 feet in Utah.

The incredible video, aired on “Fox and Friends” this morning, shows Theo Sanson walking the length of more than five football fields as he balances at a height of 400 feet in the sky.

As the daredevil makes his way between The Rectory and Castleton Tower in Utah’s Castle Valley, he’s seen flailing his arms at points in the video, trying to hang on to his balance.

The stuntman was tethered to a harness but nothing else, said Heather Nauert.

Sanson has said that setting up the stunt was just as difficult as pulling it off. The entire feat took a team of 15 people to pull together, Yahoo! reported.

Watch the amazing stunt above.

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