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Marco Rubio recently snagged the support of one of the race’s most coveted mega-donors.

Frank VanderSloot, the conservative billionaire who once helped Mitt Romney secure the GOP presidential nomination, sat down with Neil Cavuto on “Your World” today to explain why he chose the Florida senator.

“Marco Rubio has a tremendous advantage over all the candidates,” he told Neil Cavuto. “He can articulate his reasoning and his position in a way that invites people to get on board.”

Two primary questions helped him make his determination, VanderSloot explained.

“Who would make the best president? And number two, who would be the most electable?”

“In the end, we were fortunate we ended up with the same candidate,” he added.

Rubio managed to beat out Carly Fiorina, who VanderSloot said “would have been a great president.”

But “she didn’t maybe have the friendly factor, the likeability,” he said.

He also called Donald Trump “a great marketer” with good “sound bites.”

While many of VanderSloot's friends are still waiting for the GOP primaries before making their endorsements, “I think it’s particularly dangerous to wait to see who’s going to win the game before you start cheering,” he said.

“I think you should start cheering when you can still impact the outcome.”

Watch the interview above.

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