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New Security Concerns After Syrian Refugees Reach Texas Border

A group of armed volunteers is patrolling the Arizona border to deter Syrian refugees from illegally entering the country.

Tim Foley, the founder of Arizona Border Recon, spoke to Gretchen Carlson this afternoon from his stakeout atop a hill to explain his organization’s work.

Ninety percent of the group consists of former military and law enforcement personnel “who took an oath to defend the country,” he said. “And the oath doesn’t end when we get out.”

Foley's team patrols known Mexican cartel trails and “scout locations” where Syrian refugees might be smuggling in, he said.

“I have 16 people right now and we’ve pretty much closed six miles of the border for the last seven days.”

While officials have asked that civilians stay off border patrol, Foley said that “line agents don’t mind because they’re stretched so thin.”

He pushed back on criticisms that the group bears resemblance to a militant group, saying, “We’re not a militia. We’re not a three percent group. We don’t advocate for throwing over the government.”

“We’re just another set of eyes and ears on the border,” he explained.

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