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Human rights activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who has spoken out for years against the rise of radical Islam, said on "Hannity" that she believes President Obama is pursuing a "failed strategy."

The acclaimed author pushed back against the notion that those with radical views make up a very small percentage of the Muslim community.

"We are self-intimidating. I don't think that we are being forced by outside powers. Our president is not being forced by outside powers to take the position that he's taking. He has taken it after a lot of thought. He thinks it's strategic. I just think it's a strategy that has failed," she said.

Hirsi Ali, who was raised by a fundamentalist Muslim family in Somalia, explained that there are millions of "peace-loving Muslims" all around the world, but there seems to be a "denial" about the growth of radical Islam.

"The answer does not lie in denial. The answer lies in an attempt to reform Islam," she said.

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