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How much - or how little - do folks know about about the origins of Thanksgiving?

Jesse Watters visited a restoration of a colonial village out on Long Island to quiz people about the national holiday.

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Does it ever get a little contentious around the dinner table at Thanksgiving?

"Yeah, when she drinks too much."

On the first Thanksgiving, what do you think they had on their menu?

"Maybe some weird soups? I don't know."

Was there any entertainment at the first Thanksgiving?

"No. They didn't do anything for fun back then."

Who ate together at the first Thanksgiving?

"Maybe some presidents? I don't know."

Around what year was the first Thanksgiving?

"1942, Columbus sailed the ocean blue. So..."

"That was so wrong."

What country did the pilgrims come from?


What was the boat that the pilgrims came in on?

"The Pinto."

"The Pinto?"


Do you know who I am?


"I'm Watters."

"Nice to meet you."

"And this is my world."

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