3 Arrests Made in Murder of Indiana Pastor's Pregnant Wife

'Nothing to Hide': Indiana Pastor Speaks Out About Wife's Murder

Two men arrested in connection with the death of Amanda Blackburn have now been charged with murder, as well as other felonies, the prosecutor said in a press conference this afternoon.

Officials say the suspects, 18-year-old Larry Taylor and 21-year-old Jalen Watson, entered the Blackburn residence through an unlocked front door, according to the Indianapolis Star.

The men's mugshots were later released and shown on "Shepard Smith Reporting" this afternoon.

They also say there currently isn’t enough evidence to charge Taylor with sexually assaulting Blackburn, who was the pregnant wife of an Indiana pastor.

However, “there is a plethora of evidence here,” Gregg Jarett said as he explained the legal ramifications of the case on “The Real Story with Gretchen Carlson.”

Authorities, for example, are still working to examine whether a gun found in the neighborhood could be the murder weapon.

They also say Watson and a third suspect drove to an ATM, after which several attempts to make withdrawals from Blackburn’s credit card were recorded.

The prosecutor has said his office is considering stepping up charges against the suspects in consideration of the fact that Blackburn was pregnant.

Watch more of Jarrett’s legal breakdown above.

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