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A bakery in Ohio made waves on social media with its "politically incorrect" sign.

The sign on the front door of Schuler's Bakery reads:

“Notice. This store is politically incorrect. We say Merry Christmas, God Bless America, we salute our flag & give thanks to our troops, police officers and firefighters. If this offends you, you are welcome to leave. In God We Trust.” — Schuler’s Bakery, Trent A. Schuler (CEO/Owner)

The owner said it's a statement of their beliefs about the world, including freedom of speech and religion.

Many commenters on Facebook praised the sign for upholding freedom of speech and American values, while others said the bakery did it for attention and is defending itself "against an imaginary threat."


How do you feel about this sign a local bakery posted on their door?

Posted by WHIO on Friday, November 20, 2015


Hear from Schuler in the "Fox and Friends" interview above.

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