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The U.S. should not accept any Syrian refugees who cannot be properly vetted, Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio said tonight on "Hannity."

"It’s not that America's saying, 'We don’t want any refugees,'" Rubio explained. "What we’re saying is, 'You can’t come here as a refugee if we can’t vet you.' And all I’ve said is we are not able to vet most of these people."

The Florida senator said that common sense still applies – if it’s a six-year-old orphan, if it’s a 90-year-old senior citizen, if it’s a Qadian priest, you can vet people like that with common sense.

Rubio said that if it’s someone we know nothing about and there is no database, however, that means there is no reliable way to vet a person coming from an unstable part of the world, where documents are often forged.

"This is an issue in which you have be 100-percent right, because just to be wrong on one person would be enough to potentially trigger an attack within the United States," Rubio said.

"We are in a civilizational struggle between these radical lunatics who are motivated by their interpretation of their faith, and our values of liberty and freedom and the opportunity for all."

Watch part one of the "Hannity" interview above and part two below.

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