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The hosts of “Outnumbered” weighed in this afternoon on the Facebook CEO’s decision to take two months off when his first daughter is born.

Zuckerberg’s decision stands in stark contrast to Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer’s decision to return to work just two weeks after giving birth to twins, they noted.

Priscilla and I are starting to get ready for our daughter's arrival. We've been picking out our favorite childhood...

Posted by Mark Zuckerberg on Friday, November 20, 2015

Andrea Tantaros applauded the two chief executives, saying that it appeared traditional “gender roles have swapped.”

But Republican strategist Tony Sayegh, who joined “Outnumbered” today, called Zuckerberg’s extended leave “a luxury,” cautioning that such a policy “would devastate a small business.”

“I do think we have to be careful and differentiate between the Facebooks and the Yahoos and the Netflixes, these large companies with a lot of redundancy, with a lot of employees working,” he said.

Fox Business’ Dagen McDowell noted that Zuckerberg’s and Mayer’s announcements also come as their companies face relatively different performance records.

“Facebook is near a record high in terms of its stock price. This year, it’s up 38 percent,” she said. “Yahoo’s stock price is down 35 percent.”

What are your views on parental leave? Check out the full discussion above.

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