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Republican presidential contender Dr. Ben Carson told Megyn Kelly that he misspoke today when he said he saw video of thousands of Muslims in New Jersey "cheering" after 9/11.

He explained that during today's campaign event, they were discussing Muslims' reactions to 9/11. He said that he had seen a video of Muslims celebrating, but he wasn't aware of where it was taken.

Megyn pointed out that there is a major difference between the reactions of Muslim American citizens and Muslims in the Middle East.

"You admit to a lack of caution in answering that question?" Megyn asked.

"Yeah, yeah," Carson acknowledged. "I thought we were just talking about the fact that Muslims were inappropriately celebrating. I didn't know that they had an agenda behind the question."

"It really was more of a misunderstanding of what we were talking about and me trying to make the point that celebrating [9/11] is totally inappropriate, no matter where you are."

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