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A Pennsylvania couple says that their one-year-old daughter's brain tumor shrunk in size following a kiss on the head from Pope Francis.

Joey and Kristen Masciantonio said on "Fox and Friends" today that the inoperable tumor has significantly shrunk since that moment two months ago. 

The couple went to Philadelphia in late September to see the pontiff and were able to get close to him thanks to a friend in law enforcement. One of the pope's bodyguards lifted little Gianna up to Francis.

Kristen said she had a dream that her daughter met Pope Francis, which motivated her to seek out the pontiff during his visit to Philadelphia.

Joey explained that Gianna spent the first eight months of her life in hospice care after doctors said there was little that could be done.

Gianna underwent chemotherapy, leading to small reductions in the tumor's size. 

But Joey said the "massive decrease" happened between the August and November MRIs.

Now, the couple is optimistic that the tumor will go away completely and their daughter will regain her brain functions.

He said the message they want to share is that "God is real" and "prayer works."

"The miracle in all this is all of the people that prayed for her; it worked," he said.

Watch the interview above. 

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