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Since they were dropped overnight at a Pennsylvania shelter, Pattie Pig and her two canine friends haven't been seen apart.

Kennel manager Sarah McKillip told "Fox and Friends" that employees were greeted by the trio one morning, with the tinier dog Paprika standing on Pattie's back.

Now the Animal Rescue League is looking for a home for the three.

Pattie Pig was fed treats continuously throughout the segment.

Because of how inseparable they are, they're only being adopted as a packaged deal.

"They are bonded," McKillip said. "They came in together, they sleep together, they do everything together, and to separate them would be devastating for them."

Interested in bringing these adorable "P's" into your home? The adoption fees are covered, and the shelter just wants "a loving family that appreciates how amazing they are." 

Check out their listing on the Animal Rescue League website.

Watch the video above.

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