Florida Sen. Marco Rubio said on "Fox News Sunday" that the effort to defeat ISIS will require a "significant" ground force, but it will not resemble the Iraq War.

"This is not a return to Iraq," the Republican presidential candidate said.

He said that Sunni Arabs will have to make up the "bulk of the ground force," but that "a significant force of [American] special operators and others" will be fighting alongside them.

Rubio did not specify how many U.S. troops would be required on the ground to defeat ISIS, but that it would be less than 50,000.

He also said he's not happy about last week's terror attacks in Paris, but one positive development to emerge is that it has "forced Americans to confront more carefully the issues of national security."

Rubio called that "the most important thing a president will do...the most important function of the federal government."

Watch the full interview above.

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