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Authorities have arrested two teenagers and another man for the murder of a California cop and Marine Corps veteran.

Officials say the men, aged 21, 18 and 16, had tried to rob 29-year-old Downey police officer Ricardo Galvez as he sat in his personal car dressed in plainclothes.

Galvez had just gotten off work when two men approached him outside the police station and started shooting, Lt. John Corina of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said.

“They were attempting to rob Officer Galvez not realizing he was a police officer,” Corina told the Associated Press.

“I don't even think he saw these guys coming up on him.”

Another officer, hearing the gunfire, chased the attackers by car into the nearby city of Montebello.

Police have since recovered the gun that may have been used to kill Officer Galvez.

They have not yet decided whether to charge one suspect, the 16-year-old, as an adult.

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