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NFL Player Reflects on Nation's Problems, Calls for People to Turn to God

New Orleans Saints tight end Benjamin Watson sat down on “Fox and Friends” this morning to explain his searing message on race that recently went viral.

Watson penned an emotional Facebook post last November in response to the controversial Ferguson decision, describing racial tension as a “sin problem,” not a “skin problem.”

The post, “liked” by nearly 900,000 users including Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, has since encouraged him to come out with a powerful new book called “Under Our Skin.”

Despite advances in civil liberties and legislation, Watson said on Friday, racial division “is something that hasn’t gone away.”

“We do have a problem when it comes to how we see each other,” he said. “But ultimately, under that, we all have an issue called sin that we have to deal with.”

“We need to change heart,” the NFL star continued.

“And from there, we can look at brothers and sisters, no matter what color they are, and see them with the love of Christ. And treat them accordingly, because our heart has been changed.”

Check out Watson’s inspiring interview in the clip above.

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