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'Remarkably Unpresidential': Ryan Says Obama's 'Playing Politics' with Refugees

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) told Sean Hannity that President Obama is endangering the lives of Americans by allowing thousands of Syrian refugees to enter the country.

"This president is so driven by radical ideology, by political correctness," Cruz said. "The president insists we have to endanger the safety and security of our nation."

The Republican presidential contender pointed out that Obama attacked him during recent speeches in Turkey and Manila.

"Obama, instead of defending this nation, just attacks you and me and every American who wants to keep this nation safe," Cruz said.

He noted that Sen. Pat Leahy echoed President Obama’s attacks on the Senate floor, calling Cruz's opposition to accepting refugees "anti-American."

"He said, gosh, his ancestors were Irish and Italian and we didn’t block him. And I responded to Pat Leahy and I said, 'You know what, on my mother’s side, my ancestors were Irish and Italian. The difference was, they weren’t coming here to blow up and murder civilians.'"

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