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'Remarkably Unpresidential': Ryan Says Obama's 'Playing Politics' with Refugees

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) got pretty fired up yesterday in response to President Obama's harsh criticism of Republican opposition to accepting Syrian refugees.

Speaking in Manila early Wednesday, Obama denounced Republican "candidates" for "political posturing." He said the idea that "proven" Christians should be allowed into the U.S., but not Muslims, was "offensive" and contrary to American values.

Cruz responded by calling the attack "unbefitting" of a United States president, challenging Obama to "come back and insult me to my face." 

Cruz said on "Happening Now" today that Obama "seems more upset" about Republicans trying to protect the country than he is about ISIS terrorists murdering innocent people.

"Instead of engaging in political warfare, how about the president do his job as commander-in-chief?" he said.

Cruz called it "nothing short of lunacy" for Obama and Hillary Clinton to support bringing 10,000 Syrian refugees into the U.S." right now, noting that the FBI director admitted they cannot all be properly vetted.

"The president should be protecting this nation, not insulting you and me and millions of Americans, calling us un-American because we want to defend this nation and we want to keep our children safe," said Cruz.

Cruz pushed back on the idea that he wants "religious testing," arguing that his proposed legislation is intended to help save Christians who are facing genocide and extermination at the hands of ISIS.

"It's interesting. Existing federal immigration law says that a ground for refugees and asylum is religious persecution," Cruz explained.

Watch the discussion above and tune in tonight at 10p/1a ET to hear more from Sen. Cruz on Hannity.

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