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Alexa Goolsby came up with a creative way to tell her parents that she is pregnant, and the priceless video is going viral.

During family game day, Alexa and her husband, Drew, used the "Whisper Challenge" lip-reading game from "The Tonight Show" to surprise Robert and Sharla Anderson with the news they are going to be grandparents for the first time.

As Robert and Sharla tried to read Drew's lips while wearing noise-canceling headphones, he repeatedly said, "You are going to be a grandfather."

The future grandmother figured out the message right away, but Robert took a little more time to sound it out.

When he did, however, his reaction was priceless.

"I'm going to be a grandfather?!" he said, hugging his wife. "I can't believe that!"

"This was definitely a family game day for the books!" Goolsby wrote on her Facebook page.

Watch the pregnancy announcement that's winning the Internet's heart above.

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