Panetta: World Must Unite, 'Go to War' Against ISIS

Palin: 'I'm This Close to Feeling Sorry' for Obama After Syria Remarks

Carly Fiorina went "On The Record" tonight and slammed President Obama for threatening to veto a bill aimed at improving the screening process for Syrian and Iraqi refugees coming to the U.S.

Fiorina told guest host Kimberly Guilfoyle that it's "unbelievable" that our commander-in-chief would threaten to veto a common sense bill.

The GOP presidential contender said Obama shouldn't be making threats and castigating Republicans during speeches in Turkey and Manila, but instead standing up and offering leadership when the country needs it.

"Look, specifically what we need to do is understand that ISIS is an evil that is waging war against us. And so we have to wage war against them and win."

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