What's Behind the Mizzou Protests? Watters' World Hits the Campus

And the 2015 Word of the Year Is ... an Emoji?!

Students last week swarmed a library at Dartmouth College, all the while chanting, “Black Lives Matter” and shouting expletives at students.

Several white students in the now-viral video were berated and called “filthy racists,” Stuart Varney said on Wednesday.

In the footage, one student is heard yelling at another, “Do you think black lives matter? Do you think black lives matter?”

Another protester is seen flipping the middle finger at the camera.

Not shown is a student who was brought to tears, as well as another incident that allegedly became violent.

“After making a girl cry, a protester screamed ‘f*** your white tears,’” wrote one Dartmouth student who had been a supporter of the campus movement.

That student, Charles Lundquist, said on “Varney & Co.” today that he had been “very happy” with the protests up until “the very end.”

That’s where “it began to be a little bit more disruptive,” he said.

Lundquist, who responded by penning an opinion piece in a campus newspaper, said he “thought it hadn’t created a constructive dialogue.”

He also denied allegations that the protest had been violent, saying that “the media as a whole has mischaracterized this movement."

Watch the chaotic scene unfold above, and Lundquist’s full interview below.

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