Steyn: This Isn't a Monarchy and Jeb Isn't the Crown Prince

Fiorina: Obama Gets 'Fired Up' When Attacking GOP, But Not About ISIS

"How can a president be so wrong?"

Author and columnist Mark Steyn and Sean Hannity discussed that question Tuesday night. 

Hannity said it's now "beyond mysterious" that President Obama has refused to call out radical Islam and claimed ISIS was "contained" right before the Paris terror attacks.

Steyn answered that Obama's policies are shaped by the long-held view that "America is the problem."

"He's been marinated in a world all his life that thinks America is the problem and that if you remove America from the world scene, whatever happens is better than having America engaged with the world," he said.

Steyn joined a mounting number of critics who argue that political leaders should not be letting in refugees until they can be more rigorously vetted.

He said Belgian authorities, for example, have actually “admitted” that “they can’t reliably police” the suburbs where suspects from the attacks are believed to have lived.

“It turns out, even most absurdly… one of the brothers involved in this attack in Paris, until a few days ago, was employed by the immigration department in that town,” Steyn said.

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