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Palin: 'I'm This Close to Feeling Sorry' for Obama After Syria Remarks

Laura Ingraham went "On The Record" tonight and slammed President Obama's "reprehensible" mockery of Republican leaders who are critical of his policy regarding Syrian refugees.

"Apparently they're scared of widows and orphans coming into the United States of America," Obama said during a press conference in Manila yesterday. 

Ingraham said that many Americans have lost trust in the Obama administration's ability to fulfill its "sacred obligation" of looking out for average citizens.

"I never have seen a president - of either party - go overseas and essentially turn into a political pundit, which is what the president did yesterday," Ingraham said. "His behavior was reprehensible ... to call out the duly elected governors of half of the states of the United States and basically call them bigots and stupid and intolerant and, frankly, anti-American."

"I think the American people are just about fed up with this."

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