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Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush said helping refugees is "part of what we've done as a country."

But first, President Obama must explain how the government would screen Syrian refugees seeking asylum here and prevent Islamic terrorists from sneaking in.

"It's his responsibility to tell the American people and governors who are concerned about the security in their states what the plan is," Bush said. "And I haven't seen any evidence that he's done that."

The former Florida governor said that Friday's terror attacks in Paris have highlighted the "legitimate issue" of Islamic terrorists embedding with Syrian refugees (authorities now believe all of the terrorists involved were E.U. citizens and that a Syrian passport found on one assailant's body was fake).

After those concerns are addressed, Bush said the country can "get back to the business of helping a small number of people who desperately need help. That's part of what we've done as a country."

But the bigger issue is what the country will do about Islamic terrorism, which he called the "great challenge of our time."

"The solution is American leadership to take out Islamic terrorism in a way that brings the whole world together to do so," Bush said.

Watch the full interview above.

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