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House Speaker Paul Ryan blasted President Obama tonight for his management of the Syrian refugee program, saying the president has been "playing politics" while lawmakers reach across the aisle to form an agreement.

The House will have “a pretty big bipartisan vote tomorrow” on legislation that would boost oversight of Syrian and Iraqi refugees hoping to enter the country, Ryan told Sean Hannity.

It would halt admission for refugees until authorities can raise their standards of security clearance, he explained.

Earlier today, Obama threatened to veto the bill, a move Ryan said was “remarkably unpresidential.”

“I think the president is playing politics with this,” he continued. “We obviously know that ISIS wants to infiltrate the refugee population … This should be about keeping America safe.”

“This should not be a partisan issue. The Democrats agree with us here in Congress,” said Ryan. “We’re passing this bill tomorrow.”

Watch Speaker Ryan’s interview above.

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