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A New York pastor has been going door-to-door in Paris and holding public prayer services to help people heal with the power of prayer.

Dimas Salaberrios and his family had been traveling in Europe promoting the pastor's new book, "Street God," when Friday's terrorist attacks happened.

He told "Fox & Friends" that when they heard about the attacks they knew had to "take God into the streets" of Paris.

Salaberrios said the response from young people has been "incredible," noting one gathering that grew from four to 60 people within a couple minutes.

He said young people said to him, "We need this prayer, we need public prayer in Paris," and "We feel the presence of God."

Salaberrios hopes his experience will inspire other Christians to make the trip to Paris and lead similar services, "because Paris is hungry right now for prayer."

Watch the interview above.

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