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North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory (R) responded to President Obama's statement at the G20 summit that it's "un-American" to stop Syrian refugees from coming into the country.

McCrory said on "Fox and Friends" that he would not be fulfilling his oath of office "unless I protected the people of North Carolina," which he says is his "number one responsibility."

"And by the way," he said, "the President’s number one responsibility is to protect the people of the United States."

The Republican said there needs to be a uniform and effective way to vet the refugees.

"It's fair for the governors to ask the question, what type of background checks can you do on individuals coming from a country that's torn apart? I'm sure it's very, very difficult to seek any records or background checks from these individuals."

He added that there's been "almost no coordination or communications between the state and the federal officials on this issue."

Watch the interview above.

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