The Strategy Continues As Is: Breaking Down Obama's 'Striking' Remarks on Paris Terror

Bolton: U.S. Is 'Barely a Bystander' as Russia, France Strike Syria

Mike Huckabee forcefully criticized President Obama Monday for his refusal to change his strategy against ISIS, calling the president "wimpish" and a "Cub Scout" commander-in-chief.

The GOP presidential candidate followed up on "Happening Now" today, pointing out that even the left-wing president of France sealed off his country's borders following Friday's terror attacks and vowed to "go to war" against ISIS. 

"We’ve got a president who is all upset at America, because we think maybe that putting America's interests first is the right thing to do. And [that] we ought to be joining the French and the Russians in aggressively going after them," said Huckabee. 

Obama declared on Monday at the G-20 Summit that he wasn't interested in slogans about American leadership and America "winning."

Huckabee said unlike Obama, he wants to "get caught up in winning" in order to remove the "cancer" that is ISIS. But he believes Obama has become overly concerned about potentially offending Muslims around the world. 

"Overwhelmingly, Americans realize that the #1 goal of our government is not to protect the image of Islam. It's to protect American citizens," he said, adding that the jihadists who are "strapping bombs to their bellies" to kill innocent people are Muslims.

"It doesn't mean all Muslims are jihadists, but all the jihadists certainly seem to be Muslim."

Watch his full remarks above. 

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