Former Al Qaeda Terrorist: America May Face New Attack in 'Two Weeks'

O'Reilly: Obama is Unwilling to 'Lead in a War On Terror'

Donald Trump joined Sean Hannity tonight to discuss President Obama’s announcement yesterday that America would not be changing its strategy to fight the Islamic State.

“That was a terrible performance yesterday and an embarrassment to the country,” said the GOP presidential frontrunner. “I have a feeling that a lot of bad things are gonna happen out of this.”

Trump isn’t alone in this reaction. But he vowed to reverse Obama’s decision to welcome refugees if he is elected president, saying, “If I win, they’re going out.”

The real estate mogul spoke about his strategy to defeat the Islamic State, saying he would “bomb the oil” and target the “crooked banking system” helping sustain the terrorist network.

“I would get everybody together and I’d blast the hell out of them,” Trump declared. “They wouldn’t be there long, believe me.”

He also had a message for members of his own party: “I am more disappointed in the Republicans than the Democrats.”

“Because at least the Democrats, we know where they’re coming from,” he said. “The Republicans have done nothing.”

“Nothing’s happened since we took the Senate,” Trump added. “It’s the same exact story.”

Watch the interview in the clips above and below.

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