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Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin said on "Fox & Friends" that she almost feels sorry for President Obama after he defended a plan to admit 10,000 refugees into the country from Syria.

Obama said at the G-20 summit in Turkey yesterday that refugees would undergo "rigorous screening and security checks."

Palin said the comments showed the President's "naiveté," because "there is no process to vet" refugees who enter the country.

She said that Obama is attempting to usurp the authority of governors "who are our last line of defense."

So far, governors in 27 states have moved to suspend or restrict the refugee resettlement.

"It is our Republican governors who are so strong on this and so correct when it comes to whose authority actually it is to make sure the people they're serving are safe," Palin said.

When asked by Brian Kilmeade which presidential candidates she feels are strongest on national security, Palin named Sen. Ted Cruz and Donald Trump.

Palin said Cruz is "extremely strong" on the issue, and "of course" Donald Trump, who said at a rally last week that he would "bomb the s---" out of ISIS.

Watch the full interview above, in which Palin talks about her new book, "Sweet Freedom," which uses biblical principles to tackle contemporary issues.

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