President Obama just spoke from the G-20 Summit in Turkey, where he rejected the idea that a large-scale deployment of American troops in Syria is the answer after the Paris terror attacks. 

At one point, the president called Friday's attacks a "setback" but touted the current strategy that is in place to combat ISIS in Syria. 

"There will be an intensification of the strategy that we put forward. But the strategy that we put forward is the strategy that is going to work. It’s going to take time," he said. 

Following the 45-minute remarks, Bill Hemmer recapped, explaining that those who were hoping for an "it's them or us" type of speech, did not hear it. 

Instead, the president pushed back on the notion that his strategy is not working or that he has underestimated the power of ISIS. 

Hemmer, reporting from Paris, said the Q-and-A made it quite clear that Obama accepts "there are evils" that are now a reality of the world we live in.  

"The president's strategy, as stated over the weekend, continues as is," Hemmer said.

Bret Baier then joined the discussion, calling Obama's responses to the questions "truly striking."

Baier noted that the most passionate remarks from Obama were about the need for the U.S. to accept Syrian refugees and not discriminate. 

He said a Special Ops commander recently told him about a "palpable frustration" within the ranks over the president's refusal to "unleash" American military power against ISIS. 

Watch the discussion above and some of Obama's remarks below. 

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