Jeb Bush said this morning on "Fox and Friends" that U.S. authorities should be "profiling" in an effort to prevent ISIS terrorists from getting into America. 

He agreed with a statement by Rob O'Neill - the former Navy SEAL who killed Usama bin Laden - who argued that fighting-age, Muslim men must be scrutinized more closely.

"We should be profiling, of course we should. This is Islamic terrorism," said Bush, adding that this is not a "law enforcement exercise."

"The Democrats have no clue about this or they just refuse to call it what it is. These are Islamic terrorists that are trying to take out our country and destroy Western civilization and if you start with that premise, which I think a great majority of Americans believe, then you have a totally different approach on how you deal with it."

Bush said the United States must be "all in" on destroying ISIS, rather than trying to "lead from behind" like President Obama has done. 

He said the U.S. should be trying to create "safety in Syria," so that bringing in 10,000 refugees won't be necessary.

Watch the full interview above.

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