The strategy America needs to defeat the Islamic State is composed of four things, Greg Gutfeld said Sunday. 

And none of them involve amplifying the cries of “campus crybabies” or climate change over those responding to Islamic terror, he added.

"It's not a wake-up call if you go back to bed."

“First: a leader,” said Gutfeld. “One who understands the threat, is happy to state its name, and ready to commit to its end.”

“Two: a people,” he continued. “We need a unified citizenry - one that realizes the pleasant world they've grown used to denigrating is about to come to an end. Unless they act.”

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The third, Gutfeld added, is a media.

"A sober-minded industry whose priorities are based on authentic, not symbolic, concerns. Enough solemn portraits of co-eds weeping over words.”

Gutfeld also said, beyond gun ownership, that ordinary citizens need to know what to do when terror strikes.

“Four: a defense. ... I mean education that teaches the self-defense needed when terror or mass shootings strike.”

Gutfeld said Americans can unite to make sure "soft targets" become harder.

“As a citizen, I have to play a role in knowing how to stop something awful. The cops can’t be everywhere.”

Do you agree with Gutfeld's ideas?

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