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When President Obama declared this morning that the U.S. would not be changing its military strategy against the Islamic State, it turned a lot of heads.

But too much of that confusion seems to be coming from those who should have known about it most – leaders of the intelligence community, the co-hosts of “The Five” said this afternoon.

“There has been a divide – this weird thing going on – between the intel community and the DoD and the White House. It’s like they’re not talking to each other,” said Dana Perino.

And if those officials are confused, “you can bet that our allies are confused,” she added. “There is one group who is not confused. That is our enemy. They’re very clear about what they want to accomplish.”

“Everybody seems to be in unison,” said Kimberly Guilfoyle. “Uh, Obama? Where’s the president on this?

“There’s a real disconnect, but this isn’t something where we can afford to have the training wheels on with respect to national security,” she continued. “You’ve got to do whatever it takes.”

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