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Charles Krauthammer joined the “Special Report” panel tonight to discuss President Obama’s announcement earlier today that the U.S. would not be changing its strategy against the Islamic State.

“I thought it was an astonishing performance,” he told Bret Baier.

“What struck me above all was not the misstatement of facts, or the delusions about what’s going on,” said Krauthammer. “It’s the president’s tone.”

He described Obama’s tone as one of “lassitude, passivity [and] annoyance.”

“He was irritable,” Krauthammer said. “You know, ‘You guys asking me again?’”

“You could see the anger,” he added. “And who’s he angry against? Republicans who suggest, quote, ‘slamming the door on refugees,’ when their reasons are quite good.”

While Obama’s tone in discussing the growing terrorist group this morning seemed “flat and detached,” where he did show passion seemed to be toward the end of his address, said Krauthammer.

“When he was asked about allowing in the refugees.”

Krauthammer slammed the president’s overall response to the Paris terror attacks, saying, “The French have said this was an act of war, and he calls it a 'setback.'”

Watch more of his remarks - and the entire panel discussion - above.

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