ISIS-linked terrorists might have used a Sony Playstation 4 gaming console to plan their deadly assault in Paris on Friday.

At least one terrorist is reported as having one of the devices in a Brussels apartment that was raided.

The console's online Playstation Network allows people to talk to each other by headset.

While it's not impossible for intelligence to tap into the network, it is very difficult to monitor.

"Cyber Guy" Kurt Knuttson said on "Fox & Friends First," that terrorist plotters could even send coded messages to each other within video games.

While it's unconfirmed that terrorists used the PS4 in this way, it's certainly possible.

"There's an arms race with the terrorists versus the U.S. and intelligence," Knuttson said.

Belgium's intelligence minister said agencies uncovered a special, hidden recruitment channel within the PSN.

"Playstation 4 is even more difficult to monitor than [popular messaging app] WhatsApp," Jan Jambon said. 

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