On "America's News HQ," Republican candidate Senator Rand Paul said "We stand in solidarity with the French people and we stand against barbarism."

The Kentucky senator said we should "do whatever is necessary to protect our people and stop these kind of barbaric acts from happening," calling for greater scrutiny of people who enter the country.

But he said that we should do more with the resources that we have, citing national debt as the greatest security risk.

"Just because someone wants to spend a trillion dollars more, like Marco Rubio, doesn't mean we that we necessarily get more safety for it. I think we have to do more with what we have...but I don't think going further into debt is the answer."

Paul also did not say what exactly what role the U.S. military might play in loosening ISIS' hold on the Middle East.

"I think we need to look at how ISIS came to be and how chaos and instability came to infect that region," Paul said. "Every time that a secular dictator has been toppled, we've wound up with chaos."

Paul said he thinks it's a bad idea to pour weapons into the region, which inevitably end up in the hands of ISIS and other enemies.

But he rejected the notion that he's an "isolationist," as he was called by Senator Marco Rubio in the last Republican debate.

"I think we have to think about our foreign policy," Paul said. "It's not as simplistic as calling names, or overly simplifying a description of what someone's foreign policy is."

Watch the interview above.

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