Just a few weeks ago, Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina was mocked on "The View" for her "demented" appearance.

Now, "The View" co-host Joy Behar is coming to Fiorina's defense, saying that Hillary Clinton was wrong to laugh at a town hall when a man said he wanted to "strangle" Fiorina.

"Let’s be fair. If someone had said that to Donald Trump and he had laughed, we would be ripping him a new one," Behar said Wednesday. "She should have stood up to him. I’m sorry, I have to say that."

Fiorina told Gretchen Carlson that she might have struck a chord with the women of "The View" last Friday when she pointed out the double standard in terms of how liberal and conservative women are treated.

"I'm glad that Joy Behar sees that double standard in this case and stood up and said something about it," Fiorina said. 

Watch more above.

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